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We are building a Trail that will make our town proud… for locals to enjoy and visitors to admire! The Hilo Bayfront Trails project will transform and beautify our town by providing a recreational and scenic trail system in the heart of Hilo’s uniquely open and public spaces. We envision the trail as a pathway … to not only showcasing the natural beauty of our Hilo hometown, but also to improve the health, fitness, historic and cultural resources and sense of pride of our community.


The Trail will provide a variety of multimodal paths, pedestrian sidewalks, dedicated bicycle lanes, and shared roads for bicycles that will function as a cohesive trail system for pedestrian and non-motorized transportation between Hilo Harbor and Downtown Hilo.

It will complement and highlight the outstanding attributes of the Hilo Bayfront area: the dramatic views of Hilo Bay and Mauna Kea, Farmer’s Market, Mo’oheau Bandstand, the soccer fields, Wailoa State Park, Liliokalani Park, Reed’s Bay, Banyan Drive, Suisan Marketplace.. and beyond. It will create increased accessibility and connectivity to our beaches, the downtown area, parks and recreational spaces, points of historical interest, and venues for cultural and community events. It will also enhance opportunities for more recreational activities in and throughout these scenic areas. Aside from the trails themselves, the project will include new parking areas and interpretive signs and displays denoting areas of historical and cultural interest.

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